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Our Values

A Team of Financial Advisors in Hawaii Committed to Serving You

When it comes to something as personal and emotional as your wealth, working with a trusted, experienced, and dedicated team of advisors is key. At Pacific Capital Investments, we have created three core values we incorporate in everything we do:


Just as you would trust your doctor to provide an honest diagnosis of your personal situation, you should feel comfortable knowing your financial advisor is providing unbiased advice and personalized recommendations. As an independent firm, we have our clients’ best interests in mind. Through our affiliation with First Allied, we seek to offer the objectivity of working with an independent financial consultant combined with the stability and strength to access the world's financial markets and a wealth of investment resources.


In an ever-changing industry, education is important. Our team is always looking for opportunities to expand our knowledge, and we believe there is always room for improvement. We never stop trying to improve, whether it’s staying up-to-date on market trends or pursuing continuing education.

Just as education is important for us, it’s equally as important for our clients. We seek to enhance your experience working with us by offering you ongoing opportunities to learn about your financial strategies and how to pursue your goals. Through one-on-one conversations, we help clarify financial concepts and address your questions. We also offer educational workshops targeted towards the most common concerns people face, such as safeguarding your retirement income, maximizing Social Security, and building wealth. 


We want you to feel confident knowing you have a dedicated team that genuinely cares about helping you address your financial needs. Not only do you want to trust your advisor and feel confident in his or her knowledge, but it’s also important to work with a professional who cares about you. We don’t want just to serve as an advisor who recommends investments. We strive to build authentic relationships and serve as a trusted guide on which you can rely for support throughout life’s milestones. To build caring relationships, we stay in frequent contact. During meetings, we take the time to learn about your life, not just your finances. We want to offer congratulations when you receive a job promotion, retire, or learn you have a baby (or grandchild) on the way. And we want to be there to help you navigate through any obstacles you may face in pursuit of financial security.