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Our Process

At Pacific Capital Investments, we take a disciplined, planning-based approach to your financial needs, serving as the quarterback of your financial team. We believe our interactive wealth planning framework can help you understand where you are today and what steps you need to take in pursuit of your goals.

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We begin every first meeting by asking, "what is important about money to you?" This helps us understand your priorities, concerns, and goals – whether that is feeling secure in retirement, being able to send a child to college, leaving a legacy to the next generation, giving back to charity, or growing a business. By discovering what is important to you, we can determine how we may be able to add value.


Once we understand your goals, we take a look at your financial picture, from account statements to tax returns, to evaluate where you are today and what steps you need to take in the future. We analyze any gaps you may have and create strategies we believe align with your needs.


Next, we meet to review your strategy options. We share our recommendations, including the reasoning, and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge needed to choose a strategy you feel confident implementing.


Once you have decided on your strategies, we implement and transfer existing accounts.

First Review

Approximately 30 days after we implement your strategies, we help you organize your financial paperwork, create your personal Wealth Portal, and discuss your ongoing review meeting schedule.

Ongoing Monitoring

We implement a 12-4-2 service model, which reflects 12 connections a year and four quarterly update meetings via phone and web-based software, with two of those quarterly meetings held in-person. Throughout the year, we are committed to collaborating with your attorney, CPA, and other trusted advisors to keep your financial strategies up-to-date. By serving as the quarterback of your financial team, we ensure your multiple strategies, from tax planning to estate planning, are aligned and working well together.

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